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Solar Mobility

Modern Architecture

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The front end of innovation in finding sustainable alternatives to the current energy and transportation model.


Solar Power

Optimization of the solar mobility value chain:

Reduced fossil fuel consumption, cost and CO2 emissions.

Battery Life

Powering vehicle`s auxiliary energy needs by solar modules.

Superior Design

 High Class of Flexible Ultra-Thin Films with Custom Design

​Supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the State of Berlin.

Sustainable Vehicle

Solar Generation

Horizer engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of solar modules, energy generation and storage systems compatible with any vehicle.

Horizer Turns Any Vehicle Into Solar Powered

Flexible thin-film solar film

Modular Electronics

Installation Included

Go Solar Strategy

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Free Consultation for Business Fleet Managers
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Together Towards Sustainable Solar Mobility

Sustainability Goals

Delivering Social Impact Through Clean, Free and Movable Energy

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  Clean Energy

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Horizer Mission

Horizer aims to fragmentize and democratize the energy market by providing every person with the means to have clean, mobile energy accessible, shareable, and tradeable anywhere.


Companies with a vehicle fleet and vehicle owners use Horizer's solar module and energy app to reduce fuel consumption, lower cost, and CO2 emissions.

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